The 0-5k programme

Prices per person per session are:

Solo 2–4 people 5+ people
Sessions 1–6 £13 £10.40 £9.10
Sessions 7–18 £16 £12.80 £11.20
Sessions 19–24 £20 £16 £14
Additional 5k runs £20 £16 £14

The 0-5k programme is an eight week course based on three runs a week, but obviously you can take as long as you like to complete it! However, in order to see a real improvement in your fitness and also to maintain your newfound stamina, the three weekly sessions are recommended.

Sessions must be paid for in advance and you can pay by cash or bank transfer. Get a 15% discount by booking the complete eight week course in advance – for the solo course, that's almost £60 off.

Longer distances

For longer distances or 10k training, please get in touch!

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