Sarah's story

  • PB: 6k in 56 minutes
  • Longest run: 6.1kk
  • Started running: June 2014

I’ve been very busy for the past 4 years running my business and bringing up my daughter, and as a result my fitness levels were non-existent. The thought of going to gym filled me with fear, and I just didn’t know what to do.

I was aware of Emma through family, and saw what she achieved and heard how she did it, but I never thought that running was something I would enjoy. I was chatting to her one day and decided to go out for one session with her.

She guaranteed I would be back for more but I knew I wouldn’t be… how wrong I was!

Running has changed my life and I haven’t looked back since that first time I went out with Emma. Her running programme is so straightforward – it is challenging without being impossible, and at the end of every run I am looking forward to the next one.

Emma is very encouraging without being bossy, and the fact that she has been through the programme herself and has gone from “fat to fit” means she understands all my neurosis about wanted to do our runs where no-one will see me! I feel so much healthier and happier and the weight is just dropping off me.

I ran my first 5k within two months, and I am now pushing on as I am desperate to get to 10k before Christmas!

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