Tizzy's story

  • PB: 10k in 60 minutes
  • Longest run: 10k
  • Started running: 2011
  • 5ks: A lot!
  • 10ks: Two

A few years ago I completed a “Race for Life’ 5K and was pleased to just finish the course. Whilst the general atmosphere was great, my running was absolutely dreadful and I really didn’t enjoy the experience – in fact I didn’t run for quite a while afterwards. I have had a very on/off relationship with running and tended to run on my own at a time that suited me, which meant it was very easy to talk myself out of going for a run at all and just have a cuppa and another biscuit!

Last year I met Emma. We were mums with kids at the same school, whose paths hadn’t really crossed and neither of us knew that the other one ran. I casually mentioned I had signed up for a 10K run (utter madness - something to do with being 40!) and she said she would like to have a go at that. I politely but nervously uttered the words, “we should go running together….” Hoping beyond hope she would decline…..but she didn’t!

That was a year ago and I can honestly say I have discovered a love for running that I never had before because running with Emma is FUN! We run at our own pace; we laugh a lot; we stop when we need to; we run a bit further; we laugh a bit more.

There is no pressure to be fastest or the best, there is no judging, just good companionship. Having a mate to meet with and run with makes you stick at it and means you can’t slope off to the coffee shop. It’s hugely motivating to have an exercise partner and as a result I have stuck at my running more consistently than ever before.

We have run in glorious sunshine, through the wind and the rain, and I can honestly say I have enjoyed it all.

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